Boots Menopause

Boots Menopause

Boots Menopause

Our client Boots came to us with an exciting concept on an incredibly important subject; menopause.

Number of Raindrops
Tea’s Consumed


Nottingham Boots Store and Barn House.




9 Crew

1 Director/Producer, 2 DOP’s,
1 Sound, 1 Makeup Artist,
1 Drone Operator, 1 Production Assistant, 2 Editors

boots menopause indoors seated nirvana studios

Boots Menopause

The Brief

They wanted to create a documentary educating their advisors about the ‘the change’, its symptoms, stories (both sobering and humorous), the science, the trails, tribulations and the first No7 branded Menopause skincare products.

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Boots Menopause

The Approach

Planning is key when creating educational videos which will teach audiences on a subject matter. So when Boots No7 approached us with a few weeks notice on the subject of Menopause, we were excited to see what was possible. Given the breadth of the topic, we felt the best approach was to create a segmented TV show, hiring the Barn House  and inviting all our advisors to talk freely about their experiences. We produced a varied ‘warts n all’ documentary which didn’t just educate but was magnetic to watch. 

A more humorous element we found on our Menopause search was a company called Over The Bloody Moon who provided ‘The Menovest’. This vest forces the unfortunate wearer to experience  8 hot flushes which last for 2 minutes each time. We got a biological male advisor to volunteer for this in-store experiment, where he had to continue his daily routine as an advisor to customers and colleagues alike. This adrenaline fuelled experiment gave us a flavor of what women have to go through. His ‘tortuous’ experience was later shared by THE SUN NEWSPAPER.

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Boots Menopause

The Execution

All crew decided to drive up the day before as we had scheduled a VERY early wake up call! We booked the lovely barn house location as our filming location as well as the accommodation for the crew to stay for two nights. The first day of filming went pretty smoothly apart from being hit with torrential rain whilst capturing an outdoor drone shot in the middle of Nottingham City Center. This slowed us down slightly but we managed to catch up in the afternoon.

The barn house turned out to be an absolute DREAM as we got to enjoy a relaxing dip in the hot tub whilst admiring the gorgeous views after our first day of filming. The second day of filming, again started early but was a lot easier to manage as we filmed at one location all day. We all had a lovely time capturing this project and are extremely pleased with the end result of this captivating documentary. We can’t leave without mentioning our heroic soundman Len Ussleman who wired up 7x women for an outdoors conversation underneath a flight path – hats off Len!

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boots menopause outdoors seated nirvana studios

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