Under the Skin (3D)

Allurion WELCOME TO SKIN SCHOOL Allurion There is no better way to learn about the skin than to dive down beneath the layers and see it first hand in photorealistic 3D! 0 Skin Cells Lost Every Day 0 Days for Skin Renewal Location Nirvana Studios EXPERTS Dermatologists Scientists Crew 1 Producer 1 Animator Allurion MEET […]

No7 Cinema

No7 Beauty Company No7 Cinema Allurion The No7 Beauty Company required a completely fresh approach to educate 1,800 managers and staff across 10 venues throughout the country.  0 Hidden Caves Discovered 0 Skin Care Products Tested Location Gatsby Villa  Recode XR Studio Attendees 1,800 Crew 2 Producers, 1 DOP, 2 Camera Ops, 2 Sound Engineers, […]

Healthy Healing

healthy healing ladies kitchen nirvana studios

Healthy Healing Healthy Healing Healthy Healing Healthy Healing and their team are dedicated to making a difference by providing people with a personalised wellness plan to kickstart their journey to better health. 0 Number of Squats 0 Banana Bread Slices Consumed Location The House of Healthy Healing in Battlesbridge Cast 15 people Crew 4 Crew 1 […]

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