Liz Earle Microdermabrasion Polish

Liz Earle Microdermabrasion

Liz Earle Microdermabrasion Polish

Our favorite floral client Liz Earle wanted to create a video for the launch of their newest super skin range product; Liz Earle microdermabrasion polish.

Number of Toasties
Herbal Teas Consumed


James Wong Ethnobotanist 
& Sarah Brannigan Esthetician  


1 Director/Producer
1 Production Assistant
1 Autocue Operator

Liz Earle Microdermabrasion Polish

The Brief

 This video was to educate the employees at Liz Earle on the science and how to support their customers to advise and inform.

Liz Earle Microdermabrasion Skin Polish Nirvana Studios Image 3

Liz Earle Microdermabrasion Polish

Location Location Location

First things first! LOCATION. What better controllable venue is there to capture videos about plant based ingredients without competing with the unpredictable British weather? We wanted the space to be light and airy so Clapton Tram Studio with its high ceilings, white walls and hanging vines was perfect!

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Nirvana Studios

The Approach

Script collaboration was key on this one, working out which parts would be presented to an audience (down camera), which would be conversational (to one another), and which were task based (product application). We then created a shot list and shooting schedule, outlining the chronology of our scenes, then, to ensure that filming day ran smoothly, call sheets including parking, lunch and kit lists were arranged.

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Nirvana Studios

The Execution

On filming day, we set up in the space and  transferred the script over to the autocue. After a few runs on the autocue we realised our talent was more  comfortable improvising, keeping the content conversational. We made some changes to our script, re-jiggled the camera setup and let loose. In post-production we felt adding additional footage to take the audience on a journey, away from the filming space, made for a more engaging delivery, allowing the viewer to retain more information – after all, this was the purpose of our piece. So, we went searching for the perfect stock!

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