Iceberg Games Strange Horticulture

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Iceberg Games Strange Horticulture

Iceberg Games approached us with an electrifying brief to create a 60 second ‘Victorian Trailer’ to promote the launch of a new Nintendo Switch Game; ‘Strange Horticulture’.

Number of Plants
Coffees Consumed


2 Actors


8 Crew

1 Director/Producer
1 Lighting
1 Lighting assistant
1 Sound
1 Makeup Artist
1 Production Assistant
1 Developer
1 Editor

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Iceberg Games Strange Horticulture

The Approach

Given the turnaround time, we got to work, feeling that a historic location, cinematic lighting and an authentic wardrobe would set us on the right track.

We started off creating a moodboard to get the look and feel of the project. We offered different location options, a prop list, set suggestions as well as casting selections.

Moving onto PLANTS! Plants were a very important factor for this trailer. We found the perfect film location which included LOTS of them!

Costume choices were concluded, with the addition of green cloaks to differentiate between the real world and  the world of the game. Extra mystical elements were added, such as haze and titan lights. With the script and makeup for our actors look finalised, we were ready to film!

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Iceberg Games Strange Horticulture

Filming Day

We gave ourselves an extra day to prepare the filming location. We proceeded by blacking out the space to create the dark and moody atmosphere required. Props arrived and once the lighting was in, we felt like we had been transported back in time!

Our scene is set entirely within an 1800’s florist and using the notion of pathetic fallacy we created a moody, softly lit dickensian set, straight out of A Christmas Carol – although it felt as festive as Scrooge himself! 

Clanging the cobblestones, our Victorian gentlemen enters the store, adorning a mysterious green cape. He is after something, although unsure what exactly. Our clerk, equally peculiar, adds suspense before offering a new strange game, which she reveals from a golden lit box. We had planned to shoot a ‘dolly zoom’, as featured in that infamous scene from JAWS! However, we opted for a slow track towards our gamer, changing colour effects which we tweaked in post.

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Iceberg Games Strange Horticulture


The importance of good post-production on this project was paramount.

Not only was the edit executed beautifully but the colour grade, the tone, the sound effects were all imperative for that impactful audience reaction.

We even added a CGI black cat which seamlessly sits on our countertop, adding an extra layer of magic and mysticism!

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