Animation Production London UK


Animation production in London, UK

Aside from casting physical actors, our approach isn’t too dissimilar, except the unrivalled potential, relying more on voice actors and providing you with a working animatic instead of a static storyboard.

Our talented animators meticulously bring characters and worlds to life, infusing each frame with creativity and emotion. With cutting-edge technology and attention to detail, we create captivating animation that captivates audiences and conveys your message effectively.

Animation Production London UK


2D or 3D, infographics or motion graphics; animated videos can simplify and stylize your story. When RedBull invited us to travel to America to shoot a documentary for them, we leapt at the chance – we also took on the promotional material and created an animated trailer to help promote the series – with unlimited possibilities, free from restrictions of actors & locations.

Animation Production London UK


Animation can express abstract ideas or explain complex subject matter. I mean how else can you venture beneath the body to showcase the science behind a skin care product? Poor Jennifer has suffered from acne, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema over the last year, but fear not – No7 Beauty Company have the right products to help her!

Nirvana Studios


Combined with the production phase, post-production is where your animation truly comes to life. The characters have been rigged, the brand is singing, the voice over signed off – now to make everything move. And in animation, speed can be explosive. Whether it’s a 60 seconds thank you to Emirates frequent flyers or a video showcasing the studious roots and careers of Microsoft employees, animation allows you to say a lot, in not a whole lot of time!

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