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Independent Video Production London UK

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Discover Nirvana Studios, where we’re passionate about storytelling. We deliver high-quality videos while fostering strong client relationships and having FUN!

Like our squiddy, we too have three hearts – there are three of us! But those three blood pumping valves also represent who we are; our family, our friends, our business.

Working with a great team of exceedingly talented filmmakers, producing emotive videos which help tell YOUR STORY! We continue to produce beautiful and soulful content, always aiming to transcend possibility.

Nirvana Studios

Luke Butler
Company Director

As head of production, Luke has over 15 years’ experience across film, TV, video & animation.

Luke has built up a client base inclusive of the world’s biggest brands.

Nirvana Studios

Masha Ratcliff
Production Assistant

As production assistant, Masha utilises her past experience across TV and theater, assisting the team in all aspects of crew, client, production and logistics.

Nirvana Studios

Kat Butler
Company Secretary

As company secretary, Kat is head of accounts, ensuring invoices are created and suppliers are promptly paid, keeping the Nirvana wheels turning!

Nirvana Studios

The Faces Who Make It Happen

Team Nirvana Studios consists of a dedicated crew of three, collaborating with exceptionally talented freelance creatives, including filmmakers, animators, and editors, to name a few. This dynamic allows us to transform the impossible into reality! With an all-encompassing approach, we handle every aspect of production, from the initial creative process to the final delivery and everything in between. Our passionate team goes the extra mile to ensure your vision comes to life in the most captivating way possible. Trust us to bring your story to the screen with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

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Nirvana Studios
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