Promotional Video Production London UK


Promotional video production in London, UK

A video needs a great script and filming for a local estate agent gave us the flexibility and freedom to conjure up something rather special.

Our adept team at Team Nirvana Studios harnessed their creative prowess to craft a visually stunning and emotionally captivating promotional video. From brainstorming concepts to meticulous planning and execution, we ensured every detail was tailored to suit the client’s unique vision and objectives.

Promotional Video Production London UK


The very essence of the word HOME conjures up different images for everyone so we felt it only right to encompass that in our promotional video. HOME means place, HOME means people, HOME means togetherness. It’s the houses they sell as well as the method and which they sell them. This is a prime example of approaching pre-production for a promotional video under a new lens.

Promotional Video Production London UK


How do you capture the speed, sweat and adrenaline expelled in a pumping Boot Camp session? Well, you get the slow motion cameras out, the drone above and a camera rigged motorbike helmet, that’s how! Another local project close to our hearts. Whether you work at a FTSE 100 corporate or a local independent company, the story and method may be different but the result is still as explosive!

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Produce a video for a development which is yet to be built? Sure, we can do that. We can even make you some CGI! For Clifftown Shore we came up with an angle, got to writing some copy, gathered a beautiful selection of stock footage and built the future! This job was all in the post-production – a nice editing pace, some cinematic shots and soundtrack, and watching the property sales commence.

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