Documentary Production London UK


Documentary Production in London, UK

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to delivering thought-provoking, impactful documentaries that leave a lasting impression. With cutting-edge technology and artistic vision, our productions captivate diverse audiences worldwide, igniting meaningful conversations, driving change effectively and inspiring.

Documentary Production London UK


If you have an interesting subject then we can shape the rest; researching, finding its purpose and place, location sourcing – always keeping in mind the audience who it will resonate with. Our documentary for The Book Bus was filmed over in Africa and features Sir Quentin Blake – this is truly the stuff storybook adventures are made of – you can only begin to imagine the logistics on this one?!

Documentary Production London UK


Documentary filmmaking is about the real, allowing the characters to tell the truth. Organisation is key but going with the flow in the days and weeks on set is where the real story rears its head. The documentary form, the sounds, style and structure will be planned but as we capture the content we remain empathetic and as fluid as water to ensure the story can breathe organically. We are regulars at the Natural History Museum and every project is as exciting and unexpected as the last. Similarities; sustainability and taking action in the interest of our people, planet and our natural world.

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The aesthetic and sensorial journey is everything. Whether it’s for slow, cinematic impact or pumping adrenaline action, our documentary style, the way our shots move, sounds are weave, and pacing is attained, makes our deliveries and audience experience truly unique. CPRE’s episodic stories of what the countryside means to its residents are the perfect examples.

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