Commercials Production London UK


Commercials production in London, UK

How do you make it memorable? Whether it’s humorous, emotional, iconic, thematic or has an impactful call to action – simplicity is king in commercials production. 

Commercials Production London UK


We start by really getting to know your brand and paying homage to its personality. The concept, storyboard and script are imperative parts of this process. We completely went to town for Nintendo Switch game; Strange Horticulture, literally to London Town, in this Georgian period, floral inspired trailer, complete with actors, capes, canes, creeping vines and haze machines – this is as cinematic as they come!

Documentary Production London UK


Filming a single commercial for a brand is often a thrill, filming 40 commercials for a brand is electrifying! We produced just that for Stoli Vodka. Flying into London from New York, we hit some of the swankiest bars in town. A crew count of 17, we lit, sipped, captured and conquered a unique aesthetic set up for every single one of their cocktails – all in a Nirvana’s day’s work – well 4 days to be precise. It would have been rude not to try some of their cocktails after that one!

Documentary Production London UK


Writing a book is one thing, writing a script for a book trailer is another. We wanted audiences to view this as if it were a film to be released in cinemas (perhaps one day?!). Sourcing an asylum, a victorian viaduct and two young talented actors is just the standard pre-production we do, but where this trailer comes to life is in the edit – blending sound effects, stock footage and all the beautiful things we captured that day, we have successfully transcended audience back to homefront WW1 – if only the book was as well crafted?!

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