Interview Video Production London UK


Interview video production in London, UK

It doesn’t just need to be a single person talking to the camera. At Nirvana Studios, we try to push the storytelling element by approaching each of our interview videos under a new lens. 

Interview Video Production London UK


For Microsoft, we hired an industrial location and had two thought leaders casually interview and converse, weaving their way effortlessly from topic to topic, and as the topic changed, so did the location – this lent itself to a more visually stimulating video and enhanced audience engagement for longer. 

The dynamic setting allowed us to capture authentic moments and create a captivating narrative that resonated with viewers, leaving a lasting impression. The seamless transitions between locations added a sense of curiosity and intrigue, holding the audience’s attention throughout the video.

Interview Video Production London UK


Interviews can be immersive, not only as the subject tells their story to camera but we can also use their narrative as voice over to overlay b-roll and help reconstruct the memories/experiences of the speaker. For Allurion we planned a day with Georgie in London where we interviewed her based on her weight loss expedition and stepped outside to experience the sights and sounds she had done throughout her journey.

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The post-production of interviews can really make the video, stylistically. And for Microsoft we wanted to produce something in post which was different from anything before. Setting up 4-5 cameras, we shot our interviews from varying focal lengths which made our edit fast paced and fun. Quickly chopping between angles and utilizing the canvas of a white infinity backdrop, we were able to animate and bring to life the topics as our subjects were speaking!

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