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Meet Squiddy

Nirvana Studios has a mascot and well… it’s more of an octopus, to be anatomically correct. But they both have eight arms which means they have the ability to juggle, a little like us with our projects. Did you know they also have three hearts? That’s us too!

The squid has the biggest lens of any animal on the planet, and we hope to capture as much in our cameras! It is also the fastest swimming invertebrate, so do try and keep up!

And the octopus, well, they are regarded as intelligent, independent, innovators and that is precisely what we strive for at Nirvana, applying this logic to every project we take on.

He’s made his way to our shirts, our hats, our hearts, and even our car! So now that you know some of Squiddy’s traits, we hope you can be friends…

Nirvana Studios
57A Broadway (Ultra)
+44 (0) 79 7146 4022