Event Video Production London UK


Event Video Production in London, UK

Event Video Production London UK


How do you fancy a trip to Tenerife in January, Croatia in August and two mystery European destinations each and every year thereafter for an event video production? Oh, and another thing – we have awesome theme ideas for every event (Superheroes, Pop Stars etc.) so pack your camera and your costume! 

Create us a load of thematic videos and presentations and board the plane – YES PLEASE!

Nirvana Studios


Accenture’s Kaleidoscope Tech event needed a LIVE stream crew and a b-roll event space crew – we worked in perfect harmony, capturing those moments both on and off stage and wrapping it up into hundreds of video deliveries, all with different topics and talents presenting them. Our experienced team at Team Nirvana Studios ensured each video delivery was meticulously edited and polished, reflecting the event’s dynamic atmosphere and highlighting the diverse talents and discussions.

Nirvana Studios


Stoli flew around the world launching their new range of vodka – collating every bit of footage and flavor, we squeezed this into one concise highlights piece. Hopefully after watching, everyone wishes they were there, or never forgets the brand, at least. Our expert team at Team Nirvana Studios meticulously curated and edited the captivating footage, crafting a visually stunning and emotionally engaging highlights video that captures the global journey and excitement of the vodka launch.

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