Virtual Production

Allurion VIRTUAL PRODUCTIONSTUDIO Allurion Virtual Production was a first for us at Nirvana Studios – and we have fallen head over heels in love with the concept! 0 Juices Consumed 0 Poke Bowls Digested Location Morden Wolf Studios PRESENTERS 3 Crew Director/Producer, DOP, 2 Camera Ops, Sound Engineer, Makeup Artist Allurion NOTHING IS REAL Using the ‘Match […]

Under the Skin (3D)

Allurion WELCOME TO SKIN SCHOOL Allurion There is no better way to learn about the skin than to dive down beneath the layers and see it first hand in photorealistic 3D! 0 Skin Cells Lost Every Day 0 Days for Skin Renewal Location Nirvana Studios EXPERTS Dermatologists Scientists Crew 1 Producer 1 Animator Allurion MEET […]

No7 Cinema

No7 Beauty Company No7 Cinema Allurion The No7 Beauty Company required a completely fresh approach to educate 1,800 managers and staff across 10 venues throughout the country.  0 Hidden Caves Discovered 0 Skin Care Products Tested Location Gatsby Villa  Recode XR Studio Attendees 1,800 Crew 2 Producers, 1 DOP, 2 Camera Ops, 2 Sound Engineers, […]


Allurion Allurion Allurion Our trusted client Allurion invited us to film their company event week in January which was taking place in Tenerife, and the rest is history! 0 Number of Pop Icon Costumes 0 Pina Coladas Consumed Location Tenerife Ritz Carlton Tenerife Croatia Sun Garden Croatia and endless more mystery European destinations. Attendees 205 […]

Regent Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Regent Seven Seas Cruises Regent Seven Seas Cruises Regent Seven Seas Cruises – the world’s most  luxurious cruise line, and they happen to be our client? 0 Number of Regent Cruise Ships 0 Fever Tree Tonics Consumed Location The Harbour Hotel & Spa Southampton Cast 7 people Crew 5 Crew 1 […]

Liz Earle

Liz Earle Microdermabrasion Polish Liz Earle Microdermabrasion Liz Earle Microdermabrasion Polish Our favorite floral client Liz Earle wanted to create a video for the launch of their newest super skin range product; Liz Earle microdermabrasion polish. 0 Number of Toasties 0 Herbal Teas Consumed Location Clapton Tram Store Cast James Wong Ethnobotanist  & Sarah Brannigan […]

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