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Educational video production in London, UK

Planning is key when creating educational videos which will teach audiences on a subject matter.

At Team Nirvana Studios, we meticulously research, strategise and storyboard each project to ensure the content is informative, engaging, and tailored to the target audience’s needs. Our experienced team collaborates closely with educators, subject matter experts and stakeholders to accurately convey complex concepts in a clear and comprehensible manner.

Educational Video Production London UK


So when Boots No7 approached us with a few weeks notice on the subject of Menopause, we were excited to see what was possible. Given the breadth of the topic, we felt the best approach was to create a segmented TV show, hiring a farmhouse and inviting all our advisors to talk freely about their experiences. 

We produced a varied ‘warts n all’ documentary which didn’t just educate but was magnetic to watch. We even threw in an adrenaline fuelled menopause experiment where males could get a flavour of what women have to go through.

Educational Video Production London UK


For Liz Earle we didn’t want to just inform, but also entice. 

We hired the Clapton Tram for the day, invited Botanist James Wong and came equipped with conversational questions. This deep dive into the science behind the products couldn’t have been more digestible and on brand.

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From education as a tool to education as an establishment – we create fast-paced promo videos for schools, colleges, and universities, taking production to a new level with drone shots, pupil interviews, cinematic gimbal movements, and slow-motion sport montages. Our team at Team Nirvana Studios understands the importance of showcasing the unique atmosphere and learning experiences each institution offers.

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